Max + Bella's is an All Natural Anti-Anxiety Kit Linking Your Scent to Your Pet

Here's How it Works

Place a HEMP OIL Infused Disc Inside the Locket

The scent of HEMP OIL calms your pet, eases anxiety and relieves stress. 

Swab and Combine Your Own Scent

The owners scent inspires feelings of pleasure and relaxation for your pet. 

Clip to Your Pet's Collar and Enjoy

Max + Bella's patented locket will enable your pet to benefit from the calming benefits  throughout the entire day.

Max + Bella's Anxiety and Stress Support Kit - 30 Day Supply

✔ 30 Day Supply

✔ Easy and Quick to Use

✔ Patented Technology

✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed

What Our Customers are Saying

I was shocked at our first try with Max + Bella. First time I checked on our dog Jack he was standing at the door but no longer crying. The 2nd time I checked he was actually in his bed sleeping!

– Sherry C., Minnetonka, MN

Max + Bella helped our dog Rae cope with stress of her frequent vet visits and the difficulties old age, really providing relief for the whole family. Thank you so much Max +Bella!

– Howard S., Huntington, NY

Max + Bella has provided great results with our pets, eliminating anxiety and calming the animal to full relaxation even in our presence. We fully recommend the product 100% as a great animal health product for your pets. Thanks for such a great product!!!

– Rene’ S.

Here are Few Ways Your Dog Be Happier

Keep Your Pet Happy and Calm While You're Away from Home

Max + Bella will keep your scent present while you're away from home, so your pet will remain calm, happy, and spend the day away from the front door.

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Ease Out of Home Care

Max + Bella's stress support will calm and ease your pet during tense situations at the vet, the groomer, and other common outings your pet might not love.

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Travel With Calm Confidence

The combination of your scent combined with the soothing properties of hemp oil means your dog will be best prepared to remain happy away from home, whether in the back seat, under the plane, or at the kennel.

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Our Stress Support Comes Highly Recommended

Veterinarian Recommended

Vets around the country are already recommending Max & Bella's to their patients for anxiety support on vet visits. 

All Natural

No Chemicals, nothing that even goes in your pets body. Max & Bella's is 100% All Natural

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